Millenia Medical Staffing offers a tax advantage plan to our traveling healthcare professionals that will put more money in your pocket on each assignment! This can equate to be several hundred dollars more each week.


You must have a taxable permanent residence. (your legal residence on your driver’s license or bank account). While you are away on your travel assignment, you are still having to maintain this permanent residence along with a second temporary “home.” This happens all the time with contract laborers, professional athletes, and traveling healthcare professionals. The IRS recognizes that there is a segment of our working professionals that fall into this category, so specific rules have been put in place for reimbursement on things such as lodging, meals and living incidentals. This non-taxable reimbursement is called “per diems” and the IRS has created tables listing certain amounts allocated for each city in the United States. Please click here for a list of these tables.


  • You are required to have a tax home to qualify for travel allowances. Your tax home is where you permanently reside and pay taxes.
  • Your full lodging and meal reimbursement qualifies under the tax advantage plan as long as you are not living within close proximity to your tax home. For further details on this, please contact your Millenia healthcare recruiter.
  • Your travel assignment must not exceed 12 months of continuous work at the same facility. For further details on this, please contact your personal Millenia healthcare recruiter.

For general information, please click here.

For tax-specific questions, please contact your personal tax advisor.